Countryside e-culture

Countryside e-culture

Vamvakou Revival

The internet. A medium which managed to overwhelm human activity and reality and become a cornerstone of the “Information and Knowledge Society”. Much of the stuff we have been familiar with in the past has by now changed. Services, products, work and a myriad of parameters have moved into a new, digital era. The outcome? More and more, we come across terms such e-commerce, e-learning, e-government.

The pandemic and the lockdown have given extra prominence to this new reality and have enhanced, among other things, the digital aspect of culture. Within a few weeks, we experienced a turn towards the creation of electronic cultural content, as well as towards the digitization of already existing and new material. This clearly demonstrated that artistic expression, despite the crisis it is faced with due to the coronavirus, cannot be gagged.

In this new environment, Vamvakou Revival continues to consider culture a true experience in space and time. However, it adapts to this new reality and makes the most of the circumstances through technology. A wealth of historical and folkloric material of our village treads the new paths of the internet and is thus protected, conserved, promoted and used as a communication channel throughout the world to reach Vamvakites and friends of the village and of our endeavour to revive it.

We are investing, then, time in new cultural practices, follow the trends which shape the digital schemes, take advantage of opportunities and prepare for the contemporary strategies emerging in the field. The countryside culture is here – with a new identity, but always loyal to tradition, history and folklore.

Stories from the past of Vamvakou, information that sheds light to the unique character of the village, as well as an online exhibition of old items will reveal secrets of another time and bring you closer to life in the village like it used to be.

For seniors to recall and for younger ones to learn…

Learn more about online exhibition of old objects.

*The exhibits and the photographs come from the exhibition hosted in October 2019 in the school of Vamvakou, as part of the Vamvakou Revival project, implemented with the support of Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). The collection of exhibits will keep being enriched.